Once again, I’m screwed.

The help I do have is taking off the whole of next week, and I’m done with her. We are in blackout for vacation. This has been known since August. I can’t defend it. I won’t be used to do everyone’s work.

I’ll backup anyone who works under me. The boss has to go through me to get to them.

The boss wants to terminate. I vote yea.

The help I did have is coming in on Sunday morning as flex to help me complete a big project.

I guess six years together as partners earned some good grace, huh, Ashe?

I’m glad she’s coming in. It will be fun to hang out and run a reset together.

Don’t sweat the small minded online. There are a lot of them.

Here’s a helpful hint.

They aren’t real. I mean they may be real people but they hide behind fake avatars and screen names.

I don’t. That’s my name and where I am on this blog. My pic is in here a few times. All me all the time.

I’m Seegars and this is what I write about. Life and all. I don’t pretend to be anything else.

And that’s all I got tonight.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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