Still Got The Shovel

Some will understand that title, and some won’t.

I was listening to several podcasts today, which ones and which podcasters don’t matter.

What I was listening to was revelations about what has gone down in Loudon County, VA.

A man’s daughter was allegedly sexually assaulted in a bathroom at school by a boy in a dress. They can say he’s transgender or whatever. That part doesn’t matter to me.

The father came to speak to the fact at a public school board meeting where it was denied by the school board and school superintendent that anything untoward had happened like that in the district. Which was a flat-out lie. There was a police report of the incident. A rape kit was administered.

The father was upset and ended up being removed and arrested at the meeting. The alleged perpetrator got ten days home arrest.

The father was arrested.

This girl is in the ninth grade.

The boy also has another accusation against him for doing the same thing.

I wouldn’t bat an eye if the father hunted him down. And while I’m not in favor of such violence sometimes, it’s justified. In a father’s eyes.

I’m a father of two children: a son and a daughter.

And here is where I stand.

You come to harm either of them in such a way, and you forfeit any protection by the law in my eyes.

You are mine.

This isn’t an intention to harm anyone.

My child, your life.

This probably puts me on a list somewhere.

I don’t care.

No apology; this isn’t the usual thing for this blog. But this event got under my skin. It should make the blood of any father that cares for their child boil.

Since I heard this and did some research, nothing else could have been written tonight.

An eye for an eye.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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