I had Wednesday off. Pretty easy day until my son got sick at school. He actually had to go and get a rapid test for Covid. Negative results. That was a relief.

I wasn’t feeling well Tuesday on my way home from work, and when I got home, I just shut down completely. I lay across the bed and just went out like a light. This happens a couple of times a year. I just run and run and stress and then…shutdown.

So we both stayed home today since we weren’t 100%. We both slept in; he usually hits the floor when I do in the morning. I’m worried we aren’t getting enough sleep. We watched a few shows together and cleaned the house a bit.

And then my daughter texted she wasn’t feeling well. She had a migraine. So she had to be brought home.

The point being, I can’t take a day off to save my life.

In writing this, I seem a bit selfish. I am so very thankful my kids are okay.

I am blessed beyond measure in life.

Good kids, great wife. Food in my belly and roof over my head.

Things are actually stellar.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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