I’ve spent more time on this earth than I have left.

It’s true. On average, I suppose I have lived longer than I have left. I can’t see making it to 103 years old. I don’t think I’d want to.

I do want to spend my remaining years in a decent world. There isn’t much chance of that happening. Not with the way people are nowadays.

The world has gone insane. It would be so simple for people to stop acting woke and wake up.

We are being torn apart as a society. We are being told that everything we believe is wrong. That science is wrong. That feelings are more important than facts.

If someone tells you what a story is about, they are probably right.

If they tell you that that is all a story is about, they are very definitely wrong.

From the introduction to Fahrenheit 451

You might assume my political leanings from me writing this.

You would assume wrong. I want us all to be free to live our lives. Decent lives. Lives where we aren’t supposed to adhere to the preposterous crap less than a percent of the population, wants to force us to live by.

“Science” is now unrecognizable.

What if the firemen burned down houses instead of saving them?


When I was a kid, Ray Bradbury was an excellent friend to me. I never met him but I loved to read. I’ve read nearly everything he published, I think.

Fahrenheit 451 stuck with me. With my love for reading, it seemed like a horrible future. The future is here now.

Great foreword by Gaiman.

No, we don’t have firefighters burning books instead of saving houses but we do have the obliteration of information. We might as well have a Ministry of Obliteration. The agents could be the Erasers.

An argument can very well be made that history is being erased. And then we get into another favorite author, Orwell. Y’all know what book I’m talking about. (Grammarly keyboard doesn’t like it when I go Southern.)

We’ve entered an age where what’s right is wrong and vice versa. You don’t have to be correct; your compatriots in your chosen cause just have to be louder. The majority continues to bow to the minority.

We are ruled by fear and weakness.

I wasn’t much of a conspiracy guy for more than anything but fun until they became conspiracy facts.

What I wrote today and tonight is just what has been in my head lately. Take it for what it’s worth.

If you agree, fine.

If it makes you mad, okay.

Hopefully, it will at least make you think a bit.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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