Here It Comes

I’ve said already, publicly, if you want to get vaccinated, do so. It’s your right to do precisely that if it’s something you want to do.

I’m not a conspiracy nut. I know that there’s a virus out there. I also know there have been problems with the vaccines.

My wife can’t take a vaccine due to her compromised immune system.

Read this article: Tyranny Always Starts with a Little Prick from

I am not an anti-vaxxer because of holding this position. I am genuinely concerned about this. It doesn’t matter which administration it came out under. It’s not political for me. But it is a political tool. And will continue to be.

When someone goes out with Covid, they won’t even tell you who it is. Because it’s their business.

Then how do these businesses justify asking employees if they’ve been vaccinated?

It’s not their business. It’s your business.

How is this any different? Luckily my team is close. If one of us gets it, we’re going to tell the others. Because we give a damn about what happens to each other.

But I know one thing.

Businesses are starting to ask. People are being forced to vaccinate. Here it comes.

Like a friend said in a discussion betwixt us guys, β€œI’ma pass unless someone puts a gun to my head.”

And that’s precisely how I feel. I feel like someone’s going to put a gun to my head.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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