Today was a good day.

Not only did it wrap up the week but I got to brag on my team. We had our makeup resets for CoverGirl this week, and they’re pretty complicated things to pull off.

We completed all four stores in three days, no small feat.

Only one of the four was problematic. We set time records for our team, beating previous times, on two. Somewhat dorky, I know. But who else is going to brag on us besides us?

I saw Denise tonight in town.

I stopped and said, β€œHey Denise!”

We talked about high school and how long it has been since we saw each other. Nice to catch up, and she was really into it.

Now, I have no idea who Denise is. She had her name on the front of her car on an airbrushed license plate. Like one of those you have made at the beach.

I just like messing with people. She will spend the better part of tonight and tomorrow trying to figure out who I am.

We just started watching The Suicide Squad on HBOMax. It’s pretty good so far.

More on it tomorrow.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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