First things first, today marks twenty-three years we’ve been married.

Has it been all sunshine and roses? No.

For one, life has its storms. Secondly, she has all kinds of allergies, and she doesn’t like flowers.

All you young guys, find yourself someone who will put up with who you actually are. Don’t settle for someone that you have to be fake in front of. Get you a woman who will love you for all of your strengths and all of your weaknesses.

That’s what I did. Her strengths shore up my weaknesses. My strengths shore up her weaknesses. We are a perfect match.

It isn’t easy to find someone like that. But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it for twenty-six years. I think Mags has too.

Happy anniversary, Mags! Here’s to twenty-three more and going back to the top of some random mountain.

We’re headed home today and that means a last drive along the BRP and a trail or two.

But we gotta fuel up.

We’re creatures of habit.

We find a place we like, and we go there. The prices here are great, and the food is phenomenal.

It’s not crowded; many people don’t even give the place a second glance because the road is just a means to get from point A to point B. We take it slow and find neat places. And that’s what the journey is all about.

Good coffee. No-frills food. My kinda place.

Food’s here. I’ll be back later.

We headed on down the BRP after breakfast trying to get over to finally hike Devil’s Courthouse.

It was rough driving this morning due to fog.

BRP in the fog.

I need to stop here and do a little PSA.

If you’ve never driven this road, then your first time attempting it shouldn’t be in the fog. There are signs posted warning against driving in these conditions.

IF you do take this chance, please, for the love of God, turn on your blasted headlights.

I’m extremely comfortable with this road. It’s one of the few things in life I can call a real passion. I know this road.

I saw so many people not slowing down for road conditions, no lights on, pulling out in front of folks this morning.

I want to get home safe. I want her home safe. I want everyone to get home safe.

But mostly us.

I know, I’m selfish.

Devil’s Courthouse

The winner and still undisputed champ, Mags!

We finally made it back to Devil’s Courthouse today.

Mags taught me an important lesson today; she doesn’t rush because of her knees. I tend to power up the hills. She had me slow down to her pace, and I was barely winded when we reached the summit. Another life lesson, find someone who can always make you better.

The view from here is impressive, even when it is hampered by cloud cover, like today. There’s a cave underneath where peregrine falcons come to breed. I’d love to see the cave, but it is understandably off-limits.

We said we would. We did.

We made great time going up today. Probably because we already knew what to expect. I was still impressed. Neither of us even broke a sweat.

And this was kind of our thing for our anniversary and a theme for our marriage. We said we were going back to the summit of the Courthouse today, and we did.

We said I do twenty-three years ago, and we have. We will continue to do so.

Twenty-three years ago today, we both went all in.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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