Independence Day

We’re still here in the mountains. We always come up for 4oJ weekend. Well, we couldn’t last year so that makes this year that much better.

Today is a wander around Bryson City, NC. And then over to Nantahala White Water Center. Then on to Clingman’s Dome. All of this through the mountains on roads engineered and dug through some of the toughest terrain in America. Not with modern machines. Which makes it so much more of an incredible feat.

We love it here. It’s a great reminder of what we have.

I’m still here.

You’re still here.

We’re still here.

Happy Independence Day

When I was a kid, a very long time ago, there used to be a thing called the nightly sign off for TV. And on our local channel WIS TV, John Wayne, the Duke, would do the voiceover on various scenes of our country. And he would read this poem.

I still hear his voice when I read this. It brings a tear to my eye.

America, Why I Love Her

You ask me why I love her? Give me time and I’ll explain;
Have you seen a Kansas sunset, or an Arizona rain?
Have you drifted on a bayou down Louisiana way?
Have you seen the cold fog drift over San Francisco Bay?

Have you heard a Bobwhite calling in the Carolina pines,
Or the bellow of a diesel in the Appalachian mines?
Does the call of the Niagara thrill you when you hear her waters roar,
Do you look with awe and wonder at her Massachusetts shore
where men who braved a hard new world first stepped on Plymouth’s rock?
Do you think of them when you stroll along New York city dock?

Have you seen a snowflake drifting in the Rockies, way up high?
Have you seen the sun come blazing down from a bright Nevada sky?
Do you hail to the Columbia as she rushes to the sea?
Do you bow your head at Gettysburg at our struggle to be free?

Have you seen the mighty Tetons? Have you watched an eagle soar?
Have you seen the Mississippi roll along Missouri’s shore?
Have you felt a chill at Michigan, when on a winter’s day
her waters raged along the shore in thunderous display?

Does the word ‘Aloha’ make you warm?
Do you stare in disbelief when you see the surf come roaring in at Waiamea reef?
From Alaska’s cold to the everglades, from the Rio Grande to Maine,
My heart cries out, my pulse runs fast at the might of her domain.

You ask me why I love her? I’ve a million reasons why —
My beautiful America, beneath God’s wide, wide sky.

By John Mitchum
Copyright 1971

For this morning.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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