Back In The Mountains: Intermission or Them’s The Brakes

We were coming down Soco Rd and I hit the brakes and the whole car shuddered.


We’re on vacation!

You don’t get this kind of vacation going through a travel agency. If you want a five-star hotel and dinner and a show go to them.


I’ll take you to the camper. We will shop at Walmart. Then we will go to Verizon and get your sim card replaced (that’s my son’s contribution). Then we’ll go to a real mechanic and get the brakes fixed.

Turns out the rotors need turning and we need new brake pads. No big deal.

I called around to several places in Maggie Valley/Waynesville and was told “Tuesday, two weeks, three weeks” and then I called Jamie’s. He bumped someone off the rack to fix this because we were from out of town and it was an emergency.

That’s the way you do business. Help where ya can, when ya can.

I got to meet and talk to Jamie who is the owner and also head mechanic for the power company and I got to meet Wrong Part Joe, who apparently always picks up the wrong parts. And last but not least, Palmer, who did all the work on the car. Good bunch of guys.

Jamie said he charges the same for emergency jobs as he would his customers and I found that to be true. He doesn’t advertise, so I’ll go with word of mouth and this writing.

If you need something done with your car in the mountains around Waynesville or Maggie Valley you call Jamie’s. He’ll take care of ya.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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