Sunday Morning Quiet (ish) Time

I’m up early, sitting and rewatching Angel Has Fallen (2019) with Gerard Butler and my coffee and cat.

I love Nick Nolte’s character in this movie. He plays Banning’s Dad and is the former soldier who has β€œfigured out” what the government β€œreally is”.

In short, Big Brother and the Deep State have screwed him over and made him the lone nut in the woods writing his manifesto.

Skills aside, I’m somewhere in between the two characters, sharing a mindset with both.

I love our country, no question, from sea to shining sea. I am American, born and raised. Not to take away from anyone who has chosen to call this country home and stands by the principles and ideals that make this America. I know they may know more about this country than me on a historical level because they’ve had to study and take a test to be granted the privilege of citizenship.

And to that, I say good on them. Welcome to our country.

My thing is, and many people don’t get this, our government isn’t our country.

My problem with that thing is people need to stop worshiping the government and the officials that govern this land. They don’t govern you, they work for you.


I kinda lost track of where this was going since this morning.

Maybe I’ll pick it back up later.

I guess that’s a lesson from me. Once the inspiration hits, keep going with the thought.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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