Vent For Vent

Yesterday’s post and it’s content came back around to me today. Well, it’s content anyway.

The boss needed to vent today and I let him.

Kind for kind. I also apologized for losing it on the phone with him. And he graciously accepted and said he didn’t even think of it in that way.

Good man.

I gotta say it was a good day.

Ice Cube

My part-timer and I hit the ground running today. It has been a rough week, but we were heads down and bulling through the rough parts today.

We aren’t what we once were. Backs start to give where they used not to, bodies ache. We’ve run twenty-four hours straight on projects taking care of our stores before. Those days are behind us. Lol.

I am getting old, it sucks.

Tomorrow ends this reset week. I have a lot to do before end of business.

I’ll suffer through.

That’s it. That’s the post.


One comment

  • Franz Critchlow

    Returning to my vehicle after a ballgame in Georgia. Everyone stayed in line on the sidewalk for a mile. Staying in line is new to me. One fellow holding up the procession apologized for being old and slow. I give you permission to say that anytime the body aches.


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