Those Who Can’t Manage

I have an excellent manager. He is truly a great guy, and I hadn’t had one this good for over a year and a half. He’s always ready to help, and I want him to know I appreciate him. I tell him this face to face or over text.

He appreciates us, those of us who put ourselves into our work and accomplish more than we can hope for with what we have to work with and around sometimes in our day-to-day roles.

Today I had to call him about a manager for a company we work for who decided he would try to make things difficult.

We, in our roles as employees, are paid for what we do when we are in an activity. The company makes its money for what we do and our time in these activities. You always have to be in one of these activities, or the company as a whole isn’t getting paid for the time spent, even though the employee is.

The manager in question wanted to know why I didn’t “finish the job“ for which they paid.

What had happened was that I didn’t remove security devices from some pieces removed from displays.

Time and time again, I’ve been told that I’m not in the asset protection business. I am neither to place or remove security devices unless specifically told to do so by my management. And so, I did not.

I was told that this “was the worst (expletive deleted) service that they’d ever received” and that I “would be (expletive deleted) returning to the store today”.

There was so much more said and I was cool, calm, and collected.

You see, I knew something the whole time this manager was ranting that, amazingly, he is painfully unaware of, but I had right in the forefront of my mind.

I don’t work for him.

I would dearly love it if all managers were like mine. He gets it.

He shines when we shine.

He knows the people under him make or break him as a manager.

He has a personal interest in our success. And we have the same in him.

Managers that talk down to people under them are of very little worth. Respect goes a long way, and it is absolutely, without question, hard-earned from those who genuinely respect you.

My role in managing the few people under me is to facilitate their needs in accomplishing their everyday tasks as assigned to them by the company. If they don’t shine, I don’t shine.

This is the way of things. Always appreciate your people.

Praise in public and criticize in private.

The one thing that I will not tolerate is being talked down to by anyone. I don’t care if it’s a manager or a customer. It’s a line I don’t allow to be crossed without some form of blowback.

And, in some form, it always comes back to you.

After I got off the phone, I called my manager, and I was pretty mad. I probably should have waited to cool off, but he took it and calmed me after my initial outburst. He got the facts and was getting ready to call the other manager. We hung up.

And then the phone rings, and he tells me he’s going to cool off before he calls and gets in trouble, and we both laugh. I have his back, too. He can bounce things off me. He can trust me to be tight-lipped.

Retail is a bad day sometimes.

But it’s also funny.

Anyway, it’s good to receive backup from the boss.

I’ll go into work tomorrow and find out what the blowback is. Maybe I won’t have to return to that location.

And so it goes.


That’s it. That’s the post.


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