This Is The End

I attended my sons final awards day today.

It was also Mt. Pisgah Elementary’s final awards day as the school will close this year.

Sadly, just shy of one hundred years. If these walls could talk, oh the stories they’d tell.

That’s not the whole school population pictured. That’s just grades 3-5. Still, it’s a small school. Just north of a hundred and twenty students, if that.

I attended this school.

My father attended this school.

My grandfather attended this school (when he would show up).

I sat there thinking about my old teachers today.

All of those ladies taught me a lot of what got me through the horrors of Jr and Sr high.

Mrs. Pate, Mrs. Drakeford, Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Lucas, Mrs. Horton, and Mrs. Lewis. My first through sixth-grade teachers. I miss all of them, but I get to see one on the regular at church.

They seemed so very old when I was a child, but I realize that at my age now, I have twenty years or better on each of them. They were babies teaching babies and doing a fine job.

Times sure have changed. Although I realize there’s a lot more to deal with nowadays.

Yep, there’s a new elementary school under construction. It’s nearly finished, and halfway through the school year (because let’s do this the dumbest way possible), they’ll move the population of four schools there.

All of our smaller schools in our county will be gone.

My son’s school is statistically the best elementary school in the county. The teaching team there really has their act together. I wouldn’t say I like that the future students in our little community won’t benefit from the teachers there, especially Mrs. Gandy and Mrs. Williams, the kindergarten and first-grade teacher, respectively.

The world changes, and you learn from those changes. Sometimes it’s a hard lesson. Sometimes it’s just a sad one.

There were a lot of tears today.

Life good goes on.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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