Fear Mongering

Did you know that there was a vaccine for Covid? Did you know that there are several?

Of course you did! I’ll bet most everyone that has any kind of communication with the world knows this. You’re not stupid. You’re actually probably a pretty smart cookie. (Although reading my blog might bring that into question.)

I got an email today from my county school district pushing vaccines. They are going to have drive-through vaccinations at three of our schools. This is something that shouldn’t be pushed by the school district.

The school districts job is to educate, not indoctrinate.

They have led these children through a year of fear.

It’s not just the social distancing, the masks, it’s the way they treated everything with younger people who really have the least chance of catching the virus and transmitting it. They’ve taken a year from their lives that they’ll never get back and replaced that with fear.

There’s a lesson in all this. You really can’t trust the people in power over you You really can’t trust the people in power over you. Give them an inch and they will take a mile. It’s time to start pushing back. It’s past time to do this.

They’re still trying to push this as hard as they possibly can. Because they are about to lose control.

The people who have virtue signaled all this time are going to have to go back to their regular, boring lives and not be seen as some nation saving god. And they will have nothing to show for it.

The wool is coming off people’s eyes. And I’ve seen, for a long time before and during this, what a lot of people are truly all about.

And I am disgusted.

By the way, just my little PSA, what’s so hard about keeping a bag for your trash in your vehicle? If you’re truly worried about the rest of the world outside your own selfish wants, stop trashing it. Don’t force your mess on other people.

That’s it. That’s the post.

Sorry for all the rhymes.


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