Car Stuff

Iโ€™ve been working on a problem with the A/C in our 2011 Ford Escape today. It was one of my projects on my list and Iโ€™ve gone as far as Iโ€™m comfortable with.

I did replace the blower motor relay. What a pain!

I checked all the fuses, relays, switches, etc. that I know about and I think I have a major part that has failed or a switch has failed that works that part.

I know! Buy a new car! Easy peasy! 2011 is just too old.


Because itโ€™s dependable, itโ€™s still good on gas for a V6, itโ€™s still in good shape, AND itโ€™s paid for.

I own it outright. Title in hand.

If it wouldnโ€™t run now that would be one thing. But itโ€™s just good transport.

I can drop the windows and open the sunroof and have that 55 MPH A/C for now.

I did find a great link for Ford fuse box diagrams. Very nice if youโ€™d like to check it out.


So I am going to have to call Mr. Bruce. Heโ€™s my A/C guy. If he canโ€™t fix it or it proves too costly and isnโ€™t worth keeping her then Iโ€™ll think about going into debt for another car.

I get the Rangerโ€™s problems fixed and this one can sit and be a cool day car. As long as it still runs proper.

This is just me getting things out of my head. A nothing post really. But this is my spot and Iโ€™ll post what I want.

Thatโ€™s it. Thatโ€™s the post.


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