Just A Day

We pulled back on a project today so that we wouldn’t cause a slow down for a store manager. (Read: inventory coming up shortly.)

I’m hoping that buys us some goodwill later.

Anyway, I came home and opened all the windows in the house and let it breathe today.

Houses need fresh air and we are coming around to that tune of year when it will be sealed up tight with the A/C on because this is the South and the summer days can be miserable affairs.

While I was here alone (except for the cats who were enjoying the open windows) I started moving furniture and cleaning floors.

I like to mop. My Uncle Sam taught me how to do it so well. I think I’ve put in enough time to on a mop handle to qualify as a expert.

It needed doing and so I did.

Fellas, if you’re spouse or better half works full time and you don’t split the housework 50/50, learn. Do. Appreciate.

She will.

I’m tired. I’m going to be now.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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