Calmed Before The Storm

We’re about to have some severe weather here in the southeastern United States. I have been nervous about storms since last year when a tornado passed over (thank God) our home.

This morning I’m stressing out about the storms coming driving to work and I’m thinking.

I read that you don’t pray for God to stop the storm, you pray for him to help you get through the storm.

And then in my head pops, β€œSufficient for the day are it’s own troubles.” I can’t remember chapter and verse, but that’s Bible. It wasn’t just a thought. It was like it was spoken to me but I could only hear it in my head.

Y’all, this tingle hit the back of my head and ran down my spine and I can only describe it as something touched me. I’m concerned about the storms coming, but I have a calm that has just descended on me.

I think He spoke to me and comforted me this morning.

It’s the only way I can describe it.

It was spiritual.

Prayers for our area are welcome.

That’s it. That’s the post.


I don’t know what may happen in the next couple of days, do we ever? I may not be able to post.

But then, anything could happen at any time. I could die today in an accident. And there wouldn’t be anything marking my passing here in this blog. It would be another blog that just stopped.

And that’s not this blog. I post every day. I’ll be back. Unless I can’t come back at all.

Just had to get that bit outta my head.

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