The Legend of Green Hand Bridge

Another old post from an older blog of mine. (Read lazy.)

The following is an excerpt from a local newspaper, The Lancaster News.

This story was written by Gregory A. Summers

Credit where credit is due, Seegars

The portion of Old Lansford Road between S.C. 9 business and Memorial Park Road is nothing more than an overgrown and under-used eyesore now.

But 100 years ago, the deserted stretch was one of the county’s busiest and most vibrant thoroughfares.

Although it’s now abandoned, the one-lane trestle that crosses Cane Creek has become affectionately known in local folklore as β€œGreen Hand Bridge.”

Two Lancaster County men, who wished to remain anonymous, shared this version of β€œThe Legend of Green Hand Bridge” with The Lancaster News in October 1988.

Here’s their story: β€œOne night, me and some of my friends were coming across here (Old Landsford Road) and we saw him walking on the bank over there,” the man said, as he motioned to an area on the left side of the creek.

β€œRight there’s where I saw it,” the other man said, pointing to the water below the bridge.β€œIt was green and coming out of the water. Nothing but the hand.”Local storytellers say the creek that flows beneath the bridge was once the sight of a fierce American Revolution skirmish. During the course of the struggle, a British soldier’s hand was ripped from his arm by a saber and fell into the murky waters below the bridge.And sometimes on nights of good visibility, his wandering spirit can be seen combing the edge of the stream in search of his missing appendage and his sword.

A strange place during the day. I went as far as I could into the woods on this little one lane dirt road until a fallen tree blocked our path. I left the wife and daughter at the truck and went ahead on foot.

There is a wide open path to the site. The bridge is definitely in disrepair but, as has been stated, the county doesn’t keep it up anymore. I got a feeling of being watched while I was here, but I wasn’t spooked. No big scary during the daytime. There are some really interesting old bridges around here that are basically just lost to nature. I really suggest that you visit them if you have the chance. There is a strange feeling in it for you, finding modern architecture just being taken back over by nature.

Just because I love a good ghost story.

That’s it that’s the post.


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