Two Things


The sun came back today, literally. It has done nothing but rain for the last few days. I’m no sun worshiper by any stretch of the imagination, but today I enjoyed the feel of it on my skin.


The sun came back today, figuratively.

I work several stores for my company and at one is an elderly lady, I’ll call her Ms. B.

She is 87 years old, I believe, and shows up every single day. She ain’t fast but she’s steady. I’d see her and say hey and she’d inform me that, β€œYes. I’m still alive.” And then just laugh.

Five months ago she broke her hip and I missed my little friend. I figured she’d never come back. But all my best wishes were with her.

I hadn’t been to the store this week and I was walking by the break room when I saw someone with their head down in a chair. I slid up beside Ms. B and put my arm around her and without opening her eyes she said, β€œYes. I’m still alive!” And gave me the biggest hug.

She won’t stop. I love people with that old school drive.

That’s how I want to end up.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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