The Punisher Had A Daughter

I just finished watching Run Hide Fight and I have to say that if The Daily Wire keeps turning out quality entertainment like this the culture war is on!

I’m a big Thomas Jane fan and have been before The Punisher and after watching this movie the title of this post came to mind.

Isabel May gives a fantastic performance as Zoe Hull a teenager working through the grief of losing her mother. Thomas Jane plays her father Todd (come on guys! Couldn’t you have named him Frank?!)

The plot is centered around a school shooting. Zoe is the Die Hard-ish hero of the film, but there are so many people having a hero moment in the film.

I recently (just this week) subscribed to The Daily Wire site and I’m glad I did. This is going to be money well spent along with everything else I already get, including the articles and podcasts.

This is a great alternative to Hollywood. I’m glad to be at least putting some money towards people who align with my values and who see the problems I see with our culture.

I’m listening to them talk about more movies, children’s movies, the series. And that fairly excites me. So glad to see some alternative to what we have now.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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