Same Guy

I’m taking a couple of days off work and it just so happens my son was running a fever and had to stay home from school yesterday. He couldn’t go this morning and we set up a doctors appointment.

No. This isn’t a Covid story. It’s his sinuses. And it isn’t even a serious sinus infection. Just something that happens every year this time.

I used to have this beanie I’d wear when I shaved my head all the time. Winter would be a little nippy on the scalp so, I bought it just because of that. Someone took a shine to it when they were very small. I had to clip it back just so it wouldn’t cover his whole head.

Nine years ago.

Today when we got ready to go, as it’s a bit cold and he sick, I told him to grab a cap or something. He came out with this on.


Same guy. Same beanie. Nine years apart.

When I took the first pic I was a stay at home dad. Today was the first weekday we’ve really had to hang out together and since he was feeling much better we made a day of it. Shopped, had lunch, etc.

Both of us are on excused absences, but we’re gonna be rebels and call it playing hooky.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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