Not a lot happened today. Not just because we’re still doing the covid thing, apparently, we just don’t do much on Thanksgiving.

We have lunch with two of the people I’m most grateful for outside of my little family, mom and dad.

They’re both 70+ and we’re in contact every day. They pick up the kids from school and make sure homework is done and all that good stuff.

They’re always there for us. I won’t post their pictures here. Dad wouldn’t like it and Mom would kill me.

Dad’s a shade tree mechanic. He worked in textiles and around machines all his life. If it’s got an engine he can probably fix it or β€œimprove” upon it.

Mom’s a retired nurse so that’s great to have around. Especially since my son had so many health problems in his early years.

They support us in every way I’ve already said but also emotionally and with advice on raising the kids. (Not all of it is used, opinions vary.)

We’re all pretty old school on the latter part of that. The kids are being raised respectfully and fairly conservatively.

My wife and I understand the age gap and that times do indeed change.

The kids are taught to think for themselves and not let emotion cloud judgement.

We’re going to be okay.

And I’m thankful for that.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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