I haven’t had one in a long while but Saturday I had a small panic attack. I don’t know why.

I work in retail and I’m around people all the time.


There’s never really a quiet moment. I go through the day interacting with people all day long. Then home to the family which isn’t as intense of course, but still, interaction with people.

And that’s all I can attribute the anxiety to.

I try to stay cool about everything. I don’t show the stress that this causes me. I have ways of dealing with my stress. You’re reading one of them. This is my “talk it out” kind of thing.

Today was a short day. I woke up way early this morning. 4:00 AM. I made coffee and sat in my chair, ate me breakfast, read my Bible then went into work.

Because I woke up at 4:00 I was wiped out this afternoon around 2:00 so I took a nap. Just me and the cats.

I didn’t experience any anxiety today, at all. But the body and mind turn on you and I had a very intense dream about running off the road and flipping my car into a lake.

I made myself wake up from the dream. I knew it was a dream.

My dreams are even trying to cause me anxiety.

You can’t win.


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