#Knife or One Man’s Junk

I love knives. Period.

I love knives like some guys love guns. Or cars.

I’ll go into junk shops and look for something special and it’s always there. A $5 dollar box of junk knives.

Knives that need to be fixed, sharpened, cleaned, rebuilt in one way or another. Or maybe there’s one in there that I can use to fix another knife from another junk box.

I just sharpened the blade on this one I’ve let sit up on a shelf for too long.

It’s a neat little knife to be so small. An obvious takeoff on a Swiss Army knife.

I don’t know who made it. All I know from the blade is that it’s of Chinese origin.

It’s a sturdy little knife. Good to just slip in my pocket for work. And it comes in handy.

I’ve certainly gotten my $5 out of it and will continue to do so.


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