I’ll get up and have my coffee, get ready, and head out.

I’m going to vote first, as is my right.

Then I’m going to travel freely between there and my place of business, as is my right.

I’ll be there for several hours, performing tasks in exchange for a wage I have agreed to, as is my right.

And my employer will let me, or not, as is their right.

Then I’ll come home and enjoy the fruits of my labor, as is my…well, I think you’re beginning to get the point of this.

No matter what happens tomorrow we all need to be on the same page, chapter and verse about what we are as a country.

I know it isn’t going to happen but I am hopeful that some of us can see eye to eye. There are those of us who don’t wish to harm another living soul. To just live peacefully and enjoy what we’ve worked for. Some of us will even help out folk from time to time if we feel it’s necessary. And if it’s welcome.

Be peaceful. Be kind. Be decent.


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