From My Nightly Reading

Copied from the Bible plan I’m reading about leadership.

This is the story of a king in Africa who had a close friend. This friend had a habit of looking at all the situations that occur in his life (both positive and negative) with the words “This is a good thing!”

One day the king and this friend went hunting. His friend prepared a rifle for the king. But apparently, he made a mistake while preparing the rifle, because after the king took the rifle from his friend and fired, the shot exploded and hit the king’s finger. Seeing the situation, the friend said as usual, “This is a good thing!”

The king answered, “No! This is not a good thing!” And then he put his friend in jail. About one year later, the king was hunting again in an area that he knew he shouldn’t have visited. The cannibals captured the king and took him to their village. They tied his hands, piled some wood, installed a stake, and then tied the king to the stake.

When they approached to light the fire on the wood, they realized that the king had lost his thumb. Because they believed in superstition, they released the king and let him go because they did not want to eat someone who was not whole.

When the king returned home, he remembered the event that caused him to lose his thumb and felt guilty for his treatment of his friend. He went to prison to talk with his friend.

“You’re right,” the king said. “It was a good thing to lose my thumb.” Then the king told the incident he had just experienced. “So, I’m sorry for sending you to prison for so long. I am so evil to have done this to you. “

“No,” answered the friend, “This is a good thing!”

“What do you mean by ‘This is a good thing?’ How is it possible that sending a friend to prison is a good thing?”

“Because if I wasn’t in prison, I would have gone hunting with the king!”


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