Watching CBSs EVIL on Netflix. It’s very good. Interesting.

We finished watching Elementary last night. The show had some great heart string pulling moments between Miller and Liu. We became tied to the show because of the back and forth between them and to us the payoff from that relationship made it well worth watching.

But then, I’ve been a Johnny Lee Miller fan since Hackers.

  • Sherlock Holmes : Look. I’ve never felt any pressure from you that I co-parent. But, your idea that I take *no* responsibility for raising your child is naΓ―ve. It’s not that I think you’re incapable of raising a child on your own. Of course you are. But, short of us dissolving our partnership, I’m not capable of not being involved. No-no, not as a child’s father, but as its mother’s friend.
  • [Deeply sincere and with great regard]
  • I mean, I’d lay down my life for you. So, if you succeed in adopting a child, I’d lay down my life for him or her’s. It’s as simple as that.
  • Dr. Joan Watson : Have you thought about what you wanna be called by my kid? I mean, assuming… I get one.[At his surprised silence]
  • Dr. Joan Watson : I was thinking… Uncle Sherlock.
  • Sherlock Holmes : Yeah, well, I’ve been called worse. I’d also settle for Detective.
  • Dr. Joan Watson : My child is not calling you *Detective*.
  • Sherlock Holmes : [Shrugging, but obviusly touched] Well, Uncle Detective, then.

That scene got an β€œawwwww” from me and the wife. And the show is full of them.

Both characters change each other over the course of the series.

He makes her a detective and a more critical thinker.

She makes him human.

And now we have to find something else to watch.

The end of a favorite series is like the death of someone close.


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