Better Off

Sometimes you’re better off not knowing.

This is a tree just off of an overlook on the BRP in North Carolina. Something I always remember. There are probably tens of thousands of pics of it. This one is mine. My moment in time no one else captured.

Not knowing things, secrets, plans. To be blissfully unaware of certain information can be a blessing.

Sometimes you can know a person for six years and will have been far better off in not knowing them at all.

I needed to write that down to remind myself that I am not the problem. I not only have to remind myself that I don’t care but, more importantly, can’t.

I don’t have room in my heart nor head for it. So we’ll put this in the trash file of my mind and wait for it to finally delete itself from the severely fragmented hard drive of my mind.

Until, I don’t know the thing anymore.


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