The Grave Of Colonel Sanders

This was about eight or nine years ago. I was looking through some old pics and came upon it.

I was on a road trip with some friends (they were then, things change) and I had to go here because β€œfat man mecca”.

The grave of Colonel Sanders.

The Colonel contributed to the shape I was in at the time but also contributed to some great memories.

Sunday afternoons after church we’d stop at KFC and grab a bucket of chicken and go to Mamaw’s house for lunch. Us and my mom’s side of the family. A good time nearly every Sunday.

People don’t do that much anymore. At least mine don’t. And maybe that’s a big part of the problem.

Family is family, good or bad.

And no matter how you feel or they make you feel sometimes, they’re all you got.

I’m reminding me of that. I hope you’re a better person than I am.


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