Organism 46B

Did you know about the conspiracy that some the worlds governments are hiding something from us in Antarctica?

Apparently the Russians have been working on some pretty amazing stuff down there for decades, but we aren’t supposed to know about it.

Lake Vostok is there deep below the ice with a special elevator that takes people through.

From :

More recently, apparent whistleblower-type information has come out of Russia claiming their government, and that of others around the world, most prominently the United States, are keeping the activities in the area under absolute secrecy. Furthermore, according to these rumors, there is β€œanother continent” deep below the ice. One that hosts an β€œancient civilization” unknown to the modern world. As well as this, there are β€œhundreds and hundreds” of lakes flowing below the icy surface. Indeed, as we know from the published experiments at Lake Vostok, there most certainly is water below under the ice.

And there’s this from Alien News:

Russian Scientist Claims Team Battled The Organism 46B Creature Under Antarctic Ice

The Russians have gotten to Lake Vostok for certain.

(This is a draft from several months ago. I’m not done looking into this. Love a good conspiracy.)