Two roads diverged but the woods were still green…

The plan was to take a different trail in a familiar place. A trail we’d never taken before. Just to get out as a family and get some fresh air.

The Plan

But, the DNR and Mother Nature had something else in mind.

And so we turned back and hit a trail we saw off to the left of where we were headed. I’ve got a pretty good sense of direction so I thought I knew where we were headed.

The green was our new trail and it took us to Crybaby Creek. The wife was not amused.

Crybaby Creek is a local legend. And I’ll tell that one day on here but me and the wife went there decades ago at night on a little ghost hunt, and we saw something. She hasn’t been back in twenty years. She has avoided it.

Like the plague.

But as Sunday afternoons go, it wasn’t too bad.

If this seems like an unfinished entry, it is. Our service provider isn’t providing tonight. My upload speed is virtually nonexistent. My service provider sucks.


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