Now Leaving Sunnydale

We’ve done a rewatch of Buffy The Vampire Slayer with the kids here over the last couple of months. We didn’t get in a hurry and usually would watch one episode a night. We also watched Angel and crossed back and forth between the two shows as we followed a list (Buffy and Angel Episode Viewing Order) which is apparently how Whedon meant for them to be viewed.

Out of it all comes great entertainment, family time, something to discuss that we all have in common and the irritatingly funny bits I connect to other tv universes just to irritate my daughter. I’ve connected Supernatural, SHIELD, etc. my favorite is connecting Supernatural because she’s a HUGE Supernatural fan.

We also see that even the worst villain can become a champion if he’s allowed to become so. And that even people who literally have demons inside them can become heroes or heroines.

I guess what I’m saying is that there’s good in everyone. Just like there’s bad in everyone. It’s all what you do with what you have and making the choices that life presents you.

And the commitment of a group of friends that always (mostly) has your back. What a small group of determined individuals can do if they’re on the side of good. Also important.

Teaching children to ally themselves with good people is never a waste of anyone’s time.

Also, it’s scripted, so there’s that. But examples are made and questions are asked and answered as we watch.

Good role models and heroes are important.

There’s no going back.

There’s a reboot coming and I don’t care for the idea.

It’s a story that has already been told. Maybe if it were set somewhere else with a different character, I may watch. But the whole progressive movement of Buffy should be a woman of color doesn’t sit with me.

New stories should be told. This isn’t making it your own. To do so means you’ll always be compared to the original. And the original burned the place down and salted the earth.

You can never go home again.Thomas Wolfe

Now to finish the last season of Angel.


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