I got nothin’.

Not a single, solitary thing to post tonight. Not really.

I got up this morning.

I went to work.

I came home and spent some time with the family. Had dinner.

I’m watching MacGyver with the wife right now. We’ve been binging it. Once you get over your love for the original MacGyver, it’s entertaining and worth watching.

Of course, it isn’t the original. Although the cameos by the original actors meeting their modern day (I feel old) replacements is a treat.

And I’m back to the grind in the morning. Don’t worry though, it’s only half a day. Short activities and more ride than work. Lots of time to listen to podcasts.

I’m hoping the weather clears for me to get out to NCHS and get my footage of the demolition.

So, it looks like I had something after all.


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