Action Not Word

I’m in a local group on FB and a conversation started that could have turned into argument. The lady I was going back and forth with is thirty-five, I’m fifty-two. This was a whole β€œurge men to not commit sexual assault” thing.

She’s stated that men should be told not to sexually assault women.

I responded that NO ONE should EVER have to have that conversation with anyone. Really. What world are we living in?

I’ve removed her name from my response after I asked (politely) her age.


I’m 52. I think, not by much, but a small generational gap of seventeen years has really done a number on the male/female back and forth.

Seriously, no one should ever have that conversation with anyone. Or have to rather.

I have never treated any female any way she has not invited me to.

I think a large part of this, and it sounds like an excuse so whatever, is that a lot of males really don’t have a man to teach them how to be a man through action and not word.

My father never acted like that so I knew it without it being spoken.

We are built to protect, treasure and adore y’all. And a lot of us are ugly and rough.

And I have to say, and this might set you off, y’all are built pretty and softer to complement what we absolutely lack, the beauty in this world.

Now a younger generation not shown how to act and taught that it’s okay to just do what they want (talking about males) don’t have the emotional and mental training (discipline) to differentiate the signals in their minds.

Is that way over complicated? Probably. But that’s where I’m at and how I’m wired.

Action and not word.

I know I’m preaching to the choir with the men I surround myself with both online and in real life.

Action and not word.


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