Not What We Expected, But…

Our adventure day sorta changed because we had to drop big sis off at band camp in the middle of the day. But hey, we’re with the band. We do band things. We don’t complain.

We drove around a bit after that. Ran by the auto parts store (just to look #ManlyThings) and then I stopped by an old cemetery he’s never been to before.

From Olde English District: The Scotch Cemetery is a testament to the Scottish pioneers who settled the area in the 18th century. The village was originally called Lynchwood for its position between the Lynches River and the Little Lynches River. The settlement’s burial ground was established in 1799. Located on State Road S-28-113 (outskirts of the Town of Bethune).

Which is pretty cool. The founders of the town are buried here.

And the gate has a phenomenal creak, which Samfive5five enjoyed.

Topped off our afternoon with an experiment. He had fun, all things considered, and that’s what matters to me.

(MacSeegars will get there eventually.)

And that’s the day.


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