From Knights To Nomads Pt. 2

The cloud cover is pretty bad this morning so I can’t get the drone in the air. I don’t need to lose a piece of equipment due to bad judgement.

I’ll be trying again later today for the #droneseyeview and will update.

The Library at NCHS.

They’re getting into the library now during the teardown. I spent a LOT of time in that library. I was a library assistant. It was a good way to spend lunch, around books.

Plus I didn’t get beat up during lunch!

Will update later.


It’s later. I was able to go back this afternoon and the clouds parted and God let me fly.

This one is pretty long for me. It’s a bit over nine minutes but I threw in some footage of the stadium and land being cleared for the new elementary school.

Thanks for watching, and if you’re interested, there will be a video every Saturday or Sunday until The Knights retake the Castle.

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