The End

I didn’t realize it, but the final two episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. aired back to back and I finished them tonight on Hulu.

I’m a huge Marvel fan and have been since I was a child (some people might say I still am).

It’s kind of hard to say goodbye to the show although I’m sure many of the characters will show up somewhere in the MCU somehow, some way.

Coulson’s my boy. Probably my favorite fictional hero. The heart and soul of a team of heroes. He keeps coming back and keeps on keeping on.

Even death can’t stop him. And he’s always willing to put everything on the line. Because that’s what hero’s do.

Hey, Coulson!

And so I say goodbye to one of my favorite, if not absolute favorite shows, and I enjoyed and loved every single minute of it.

Goodbye Coulson, May, Mack, FitzSimmons, and Skye (I still can’t get used to Daisy).

You’ve made my little bit of time with you fun and inspiring, as heroes should do.


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