Square One or I’ve Been Here Before…

I’m was at home yesterday because my wife’s car broke down and we are limited to one vehicle for a couple of days, so she works during the day and (I AM THE NIGHT!) I get the car after she gets home The thing is she’s out helping people as she’s in the medical field. My job, while important to the household, isn’t improving or saving lives. Luckily, my position with my company is extremely flexible (even though I’m not, physically).

I’m going to have to work evenings the rest of the week, which sucks. But I don’t like just being at home waiting, it doesn’t feel right. Sitting here during the day waiting to be tired enough to sleep. Switching my sleep schedule in the middle of the week. I’ve got to be able to go to work and get stuff done. So it’s going to be a long boring couple of days for me.

But you do what you have to for your family, yeah? I haven’t found one thing that I wouldn’t do for mine. Nothing. They’re all I have.

Dinner al fresco. Fancy.

So work wise I’m back at square one, hence the title.

I’ve got a new trainee, part time. The company hired him while he has a full time job as well which makes it extremely hard to train him as he can’t match schedule with me most days. We will see what we will see.

The other part time help has taken another job which is fine, but as predicted they up and quit in the middle of their notice. Which leaves extra work for me.

So here I am, back at square one.