It has come to my attention that people say they “write”, but I wonder how many actually do. How many actually sit down and put pen to paper to immortalize thought and word? I’ve read that the process can develop a sharper memory, especially of what you’re writing. I’m thinking I’ll start carrying a small notebook with me all the time for that exact purpose. I don’t think I have any problems with my memory, maybe I do.

Maybe I forgot.

Also, my handwriting is awful and perhaps the act of physically writing will help that improve. It can’t hurt.

Maybe, if I slow down, it might even become legible. I’ve never really written slowly. I’ve always written to get something down and done. Always hurrying along to the next thing. It will be a test in patience. Something that is, on occasion, in short supply at the warehouse in my mind.

I’m still rolling some ideas around in my head for both blog and podcast.

I’m also reading my bible daily. At the moment the plan I’m reading is on anxiety. I’m not afflicted with major anxiety but I do know several who are. All of us suffer from it a bit. The passages and devotionals I’ve been reading help with the day in day out deal.

My major problem blog/podcast-wise is I don’t know exactly what I want it to be about.

There are SO MANY paranormal and weird podcasts out there. Some are fantastic. Some are not. And the internet is not slow to tell you if you suck. I do know I’m taking my time, because the digital populace will eat. you. alive.