The Supernatural

I came across this on Facebook today and the lady who shared it is a Christian and so am I. It put me in mind of a guest on The Confessionals Podcast in episode eighteen saying that we as Christians go to church and believe in God and the good book but many don’t believe in other supernatural things such as ghosts, bigfoot, UFOs, and all manner of other oddities. But why? Our faith teaches us to have faith in God. We can’t see God. We can see his creation. We believe and stand on faith in the word and well, our faith.

But when it comes to the weird things that people don’t like to talk about we balk or completely ignore the possibility of things such as that.

Anyways, just something that had been on my mind. Would love to discuss it with anyone who’d like to. I’m pretty open to such things although I remain a skeptic on a lot of the unusual. I need proof and I keep searching for it.


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