No, not the TV show. That ended some time ago, badly. But that’s an argument for another time.

No, I lost one of my favorite glasses last night. The ThinkGeek cobalt blue Geek glass. I had it for quite some time. I didn’t get mad. I said it was just a glass.

But, grrrrrrr.

This too shall pass, I suppose. ThinkGeek doesn’t sell them anymore. I haven’t found one online anywhere, yet. If you know of one out there anywhere, hook a brotha up.

The breakage happened while she was washing dishes. Accidents happen. Ah, well.

She isn’t allowed to touch my other favorite.

I procured this particular mug at The Irish Pub in Nurenberg, Germany. I have had this in my possession for 25+ years. It has a sentimental attachment for me. I’ve actually had a Guinness sitting in one of my very favorite places in the world from this beer mug. This was while I was a soldier there. I remember who was sitting with me. I remember the conversation. I can almost smell the pub and hear the music when I use this mug.

It’s very special.

Not that I lean into getting too attached to the material. Things disappear or get broken.

(She still can’t touch it.)


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