This is posting late…

Man, I am dreading going back to work after two days off. See, Friday I had to work an evening event from 3PM to 8PM, putting me back home at about 9:30PM.

I didn’t go in until 10:30AM Friday. My mind had tricked itself into it being Saturday on Friday. I know this sounds weird and it is. But maybe some of you will get it. When I woke up yesterday morning I found myself with the whole of the weekend stretched out in front of me and now it’s Sunday afternoon. πŸ™

Monday is Monday. There’s no getting around it.

And Tuesday will be Tuesday and so on and so on.

It’s what I make of it.


We’ve had a good weekend and a great Mother’s Day, except for the fact that my Mom ran off to the mountains with a guy and didn’t want to spend Mother’s Day with me. (We’ll call the guy my Dad.)

They’re up opening up the mountain place for the season in Maggie. I have to admit that without that our vacations would be limited and we are very grateful to have the place to go to in the summer. The mountains of N.C. pretty much rock.

Our playground in the mountains is huge! So much to see and do and so much undiscovered yet. We’ve hiked the Alum Cave trail in parts more than once. We’ve conquered a few minor peaks and we’re always looking for the next adventure. I absolutely love being there. I would live there.

But then where would I escape to?

(Edit to add: it is now Monday and this is posting late. Have a great week!)


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