Meeting Day

I’m heading off to a meeting this morning. It’s the first tome I’ve met many of these folk and I’m having a little anxiety about that. Some I only know through conference calls and some I’ve met.


I’ve met four. I don’t like not having a proper read on people before I’m thrown into a major social situation with them.

I’m a merchandiser for a large national chain and as it is we don’t get to meet everyone on our team. Some are lifers, some we never meet because they just don’t last. It’s weird that I’ve met a lot of these people’s part time help and have worked with them. I’ve been to a lot of their stores and seen their work. But I’ve not met them.

I’m hoping for a very positive experience. I’m hoping we iron out some of the kinks just by voicing our opinions. We shall see.

About time to get on the road.

And so it goes…


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