I’ve been thinking on a few things the last couple of days.

The wife and daughter are out of town for a trip with the band and it has been just me and my son, Sam.

We’ve been doing the day to day, housekeeping (I stayed home with him and his sister for five years #NoBrag) and being guys and fending for ourselves.

We both really enjoy being in the kitchen, cooking, washing dishes and such. We decided that instead of frozen dinners we’d cook meals. Spaghetti last night and then hamburger steaks, mashed potato’s and green beans tonight.

So we’re good. We miss mom and sis but we’re good. No problems. They’ll be home Tuesday. He misses his mom but he’s been a trooper, counting down the days.

The thing that keeps coming to mind for me is that there’s more than a few fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, or a mixture of both, that don’t have the joy of their loved ones coming home to them.

Maybe it’s by choice, a divorce or some such.

Maybe those loved ones were lost to death.

It makes me grateful and thankful that I have what I have. I couldn’t imagine dealing without her and my daughter.

Just thoughts rambling though my head. And a thankful heart.


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