Boys Weekend.

The ladies are out of town for a band trip so it’s just me and Sam.

This morning started with the Christmas parade and our commitment to our church, Timrod Baptist.

It was raining but we went ahead with the parade and the church float anyway.

“You do what you say you’re going to do,” said Sam. He’s a good fella for only eight. Bright, passionate about what he cares for, loving. I’m a lucky dad.

He’s a bit sad and missing his mom this weekend. I kid him that I know Mom is his favorite, but there’s some truth to it and it doesn’t bother me much. He’s dedicated to her. There’s a bond there that I would never try to sever.

Off to Walmart to pick up groceries and some other things. And we’ve decided that we don’t have to eat frozen dinners this week so tomorrow night we’re having spaghetti. He likes to help out in the kitchen and he’s actually a fair hand at kitchen work.

And to ease the sting of Mom not being here I picked him up a little early birthday present for the weekend.

Easing the sting might not be the best choice of words. There have been some misfires already. πŸ˜‰


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