Devil’s Stomping Ground Lancaster, SC

Here’s the story:

Is the Devil’s Stomping Ground here in Indian Land?

By Gregory A. Summers
Carolinas Gateway Online
Tuesday, October 26, 2010 at 8:00 pm 

Could Indian Land be haunted? Some say it just might be.

Nestled in the heart of a pine thicket just off U.S. 521 in Indian Land, there’s a dingy 40-foot circle of ground where nothing grows.

Those who pass the field overhead would think that it’s a crop circle, but that’s not the case.

The coarse, black soil here is so hard that it will break the handle of a pick axe for anyone who tries to till it.

Tests on the soil have confirmed that it’s completely sterile and that it may be the oldest crop circle in the world. But crop circles grow back, right? Not here.

There are no traces of life – no earthworms, ants or even a single blade of grass  – inhabit this barren circle. Even animals won’t cross over or enter it.

To make matters worse, it’s said that those who stand within the circle are overcome with feelings of panic, dread and nausea. If you place rocks and sticks inside the circle and return the next morning, they’ll be gone.

But what happened here? Could it be Satan himself? The Catawba Indians think so. They call this circle the Devil’s Stomping Ground.

Legend has it that the stomping ground once served as an execution site for several local Indian tribes, including the Catawbas and Waxhaws. Because of that, evil spirits are said to frequent the site to this day in search of condemned souls.

And on the nights when there is no moon, no wind and no sounds coming from the surrounding woods and everything is still, some say the devil himself shows up there to plot what future evil he plans to wreak on all of mankind.

And if you can show me where it is I would be in your debt. I’m fifty years old and have been chasing the paranormal on and off since I was fifteen. No one I know knows where this is. I believe it is a piece of fakelore.

I’ve been to the Devil’s Stomping Ground in N.C.


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