img_0670I’m tired of dealing with people who won’t do the job.

You know, the ones who figure someone else will pick up the slack.

I’m not here working for you, I’m not even here working for my company or yours.

I work for my family and that’s all that keeps me going.

You that won’t shoulder your fair share of the load are a non-event in my daily routine.

I’m done, basically.

It sickens me that there are people in my generation who won’t get the job done. You interviewed for the job, took it, and agreed to the pay, the work is what it is. There are no surprises to be had, there was no line of people trying to beat you to the job.

You signed up.

I’m not surprised when people younger than me don’t possess the drive to do what it takes, my generation failed some of them. Most of them fail themselves and will unfortunately continue to do so until life slaps them in the face, teaches them a lesson.

There are other things to consider, though. If you won’t do the job I know two are coming behind you that know the meaning of hard work and getting the job done.

I’m raising them.

And they are not alone.


I guess this was a little bit of a rant, but it was in my head and needed to get out.



  • I see this lack of drive. I recently started working a second job as a grocery bagger at the local Schnucks grocery chain. Seen 2 high school kids quit what is essentially a very easy job. Simple shifts of 4 hours, 5.5 or 6.5 for part time. I guess they thought it was too hard working 20 plus hours a week. I’m turning 60 doing this job and my regular one together.


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