I was driving home today, mulling over a few things about work and thinking maybe I should write this out instead of it rolling around in my head like the proverbial bb in a cornbread box (that’s a Southern colloquialism, I taught you something today). When I got a message from my friend Jeff.

Stan Lee died.

We’re both huge comic and superhero fans. We fall firmly on the side of Marvel. But this ain’t about Marvel vs DC. There are fans the world over who’ve been struck hard by this news today.

Stan and Marvel Comics were nearly interchangeable in speaking of wither of the two. If you’ve thought of one you thought of the other as a fan.

Marvel, the X-Men and Spider-Man especially, have been a huge part of my life.

The X-Men are all about knocking down bigotry and hate. Just because you’re different doesn’t mean you can’t bring something to the world and the team. That speaks to me.

And what kid can’t identify with Peter Parker if not Spider-Man? Teenage troubles and all there are life lessons in these books.

So I’m going to miss Stan and I know there are fans of every genre who will too.


There’s a disturbance in the force.

The dilithium crystals are depleted.

We’re adrift in The Black.

The final chevron won’t engage.

No one is answering the Bat Signal.

And so many other references I could make, but you know the deal. The geeks and nerds of the world are sad today.

And for good reason.

I’ll leave this with one of the most important things Stan ever wrote.

RIP Stan.


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