Slow and Deliberate

I mentioned I work for a national merchandising company. We contract with a major chain and I have the opportunity to interact with several different personality types during the day.

I also wrote before that people annoy me.

They don’t mean to. It’s not like they go out of their way all, “Here comes Seegars. What can I do to irritate the **** out of him today?!” But today I needed to stay calm, cool, and collected. So I pulled out my secret weapon. I slip in an AirPod (I freaking love these things) and turn on some Bach.

I know.

I’m from South Carolina. I work a grey collar job.

I’m from a town with a population of less than 2,300 people (that’s being generous) and I love classical music.

I especially enjoy Eugene Drucker. This album in particular.

I couldn’t tell you one thing about the music as I never studied it, I’ve never taken a music appreciation course, I’ve never had the opportunity to hang around with others who have the time to drink wine, eat cheese, and discuss the merits of Drucker’s playing style over one of his contemporaries.

I just know that it keeps me calm and centered. The music helps me think.

Today was all about being slow and deliberate. Too many pieces moving on the board and I had to pay attention to all of them.

The violin is probably one of my very favorite instruments.

I’m done for today.


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