Politics, Apocalypse, Watches: Thoughts Over Coffee.

Yesterday was a big day for American politics. The mid-term elections were really something. A lot of people put a lot of money into campaigning for a job where they’d make less money than they spent to get the job. I call that bad economics.

Of course some did it to make it to a higher political office. Perhaps the presidency. If they decide to do this they’ll of course do the same thing all over again.

I don’t know why anyone would want to attain the highest office in the land. Although, I’ll support anyone who does. I took an oath a long time ago and they didn’t mention an expiration date.

So that’s all I got to say about that.

Well, maybe. See there was supposed to be some sort of apocalypse today. Fire, brimstone, the very foundations of our society were shaken, probably, maybe, nah.

We carry on. Those of us who want to and can carry a lot on our shoulders without shifting the burden to others. There. Done.


I upgraded and bought a Series 3 Apple Watch. I had bought the original when I thought I purchased the Series 1.

When Watch iOS 5 came out I was pretty excited about the new features. The problem was that the Apple Watch original series wouldn’t take if you bought the low end (mine) or the $17K Gold original (my number may be off but come on for $17K the thing should take any update and then some).

Anyway, I’m very pleased. I’m a TSL for a national merchandising company and I picked up this model just coming off display, a display that I set up and I knew that the watch was fine, so I got a hefty percentage off.

The battery life is impressive. I’m sitting here with 74% at 20:05 at night. It has been on my wrist since I got up at 5:30 this morning.

Battery life was one of my greatest concerns. The original series would last me through the work day but I would have to charge it after work. No big deal, it would charge while I took a shower and wound down a bit.

Add to this the new features and I’m very happy. Communication is smooth since the wife and I both wear and use these throughout the day. I’ve also noticed better voice recognition in WatchOS 5. Texting without pulling out my phone is a godsend when I need both hands for work. And I have access to a lot of the apps I communicate with my friends through during the day, my timers, weather, etc.

Happy camper.

Oh, here’s the coffee.

As Abraham Lincoln once said, be EXCELLENT to each other.


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